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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Top android apps that could make you $500 per day 2019

The android apps from which you could make thousands of dollars online. The best ever money making android apps in 2019 are here below in the article.

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Download these android apps and start making thousands of dollars online on smartphone by just sitting at home. You can make a huge income from these android apps about $100/day.

Android apps which could make thousands of dollars online:-

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  1. Dietbet:-  Let’s be real, no one really likes working out, but what if you were rewarded for doing it? With DietBet, you bet on yourself to lose weight with a group of other players. You choose one of two game types, Kickstarter, which challenges you to lose 4 percent of your weight in four weeks, or Transformer, which tasks you with losing 10 percent of your weight in six months. If you meet your weight-loss goal by the end of the game, you split the pot with the other players. DietBet claims that 96 percent of its players have lost weight and winners take home an average of $58.
  2. Stepbet:-  StepBet pays you to do what you do every day: Take steps. Like DietBet, you place a bet on yourself, and if you accomplish your goal, you will split the pot with others in the game. You don’t have to move more or longer than the others in the game, just simply hit your goals and cash out. StepBet uses a signature algorithm to provide each player with daily step goals, and it will automatically count your steps using a variety of devices, including those from Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin. All you have to do is walk, climb, or even dance, anything to get your steps in and hit your goal.Image result for stepbet
  3. Sweatco:-  The No. 1 app in health and fitness for the iPhone, Sweatcoin,converts your outdoor steps into gadgets, fitness kits, services, and experiences. You can also donate your Sweatcoins to partnering charities. Once downloaded, the app tracks and verifies your steps using your phone’s accelerometers and GPS location, before converting those steps into Sweatcoins. Every 1,000 steps you take outside converts into 0.95 Sweatcoin. It’s that simple.
  4. Google Opinion Rewards:-  With Google Opinion Rewards, you can answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits with ease. Once installed, you will be prompted to answer basic questions about yourself. Google will then send you a survey once a week, which will allow you to earn up to $1 in Play credit. Although the payout isn’t substantial, it’s easy, simple, and will eventually pay for a cup of coffee.
  5. Ipoll:-   As the name might imply, iPoll lets you earn gift cards and airline credits by simply sharing your opinion. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself, which will help determine which missions are best for you. Once a new mission is available, you will be notified. The missions revolve around a range of topics, and include product reviews, in-store shopping experiences, ad testing, and brand awareness. Once you’ve completed your mission, you’ll receive a slew of credits, which you can then exchange for cash or gift cards to your favorite brands.
  6. Foap:- Foap is a way to turn your photos directly into dollars. The app lets you upload your photo collection and sell it to well-known brands, including Bank of America, Air Asia, and Pepsi, among others. Foap also distributes your photos through partners like Getty Images, to help you sell even more photos. With Foap, you can upload as many photos as you want, and you’ll receive 50 percent of the commission every time you sell a photo. The feedback aspect of the app, which allows you to receive input from a growing international community of photographers, is just a plus.

Start downloading these apps and make thousands of dollars online by just staying at home. Tell me if you have problems or questions.

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