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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Earn guarenteed money with adfly and linksad url shorteners 2019

Make money from URL shorteners like linksad, adf.ly, bit.ly and many more. Making money online has been so easy now that an oldest man is making thousands of dollars online by sitting at home.

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So how you can make money with Adf.ly easily? The Adf.ly is a URL shortner that rewards publishers of the short links. As Adf.ly offers 50 percent revenue share to the publisher. The publisher will earn money through Adf.ly by placing short links on their blog, website, twitter, Facebook or any other site. When a visitor clicks on an ad by the link, they will see a full page ad for only 5 second and then they can skip and go to their intended destination of web page. So the advertiser revenue is then shared with you [Publisher]. If you like to get paid to share your links on the internet, then join Adf.ly today.

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Register on Adf.ly and Linksad.net

You just need to enter your name, a username, E-mail address and the type of account you want. You just like to have a default account which is perfect for you as a publisher. Just enter in your password and have to do with the human capche check, agree to the terms and conditions and finally join.

After signing up, you will then find an Adfly interface which enables you to understand what people are clicking and how much dollars you are making.
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Make money with adf.ly and Linksad.net

As you can make money with AdFly and get paid for every person who visits your link or URLs. Adfly provides safe advertising and has a low minimum payout of 5 dollars before you get paid. You can get paid by PayPal, Payza and Payoneer etc. The detailed statistics of Adfly shows you which links are getting clicked and which are not. So how much do you get paid by using Adfly. It is a good idea to earn a few extra dollars online.

Make money online ADF.LY

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In the united stated on average, for a thousand clicks publishers will earn around 10 – 25 dollars. As it could be lower in some other countries [Asia], but United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are all paying great rates. The good thing about the adfly is that, it is actually available to all countries worldwide. So anyone has a chance of using adfly.

To create an Adfly shortened link, paste in any link at the top and then hit shrink. Now you have a shortened URL and when people click on this shortened link, the y will see an Adfly ad. You will then get paid when they watched that page for 5 seconds and click on skip button.

The payout rates of Adfly are pretty good. The more time you share your link, the more chances you have got of making money with Adfly.

Another way to earn money without Adfly is to get referrals. You can share your referral link and give it to someone who is interested in joining Adfly. Moreover you can also share your referral link to the social media sites. Once a person will join by your referral link, you will then receive 20 percent of their earnings every time. You can also put your referral link in banner ads on your website. The best way to get people to click your link is to help them out by solving their problems online.

make money with ADF.LY and Linksad.net

Mass shrinker – As this will saves your time, if you have got a whole list of URLs that you like to shrink.

Multiple links – If you have a website and you like to add paid links to all your links by using multiple links tool.

Easy Links – It is just where you add the URL onto your referral code and it will automatically send people via Adfly.

Bookmarklet – You can even add a bookmark-let onto your browser toolbar to make Adfly a lot easier.

Web Analytics – It shows you the details of your all Adfly visitors who clicked your link or not.

If you have earned more than 5 dollars, you can cash out. You can also set a daily payment requirements, if you are earning a lot in one month with Adfly. So paste your Adfly links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Stumble upon, Google+ and also on your blog or website to get instant results.

So register with Adf.ly and Linksad.net

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