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Monday, 1 April 2019

How to make money with a blog as a beginner | make huge amount of income

Blog can make you thousands of dollars in just a week. You can earn money online with your smartphone or laptop by sitting at home. You can be the richest person in your area if your Blog is really creative and good.

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Blogging can be a fulfilling hobby - a great way to express your passion for a particular subject. But make no mistake: it can also be a great way to make money, either as a side hustle or as a full-time career.
Don't believe me?
Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income made over $2 million last year through his blog.
Matthew of True Valhalla is a 20-year old game developer who is on track to make $500,000 this year from his blog.
So whether you want to make an extra $1,000/month from your blog or are looking to quit your day job to blog full time, this post will help.

Following are 12 ways you can start making money from your blog today.

1. Create a business directory

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What types of product or services does your audience frequently ask for recommendations on? Compile a list, and then approach relevant businesses to sign up for your business directory. A tool like Business Directory Plugin makes it easy to get started.

2. Promote an affiliate product

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Affiliate sales comprise a large chunk of revenue for most big-name bloggers. For instance, Pat Flynn made $93K last month from affiliate sales, compared to "just" $9,500 from book sales. In general, look for affiliate products with higher price points; web hosting companies are a great choice if it makes sense in your niche, with payouts of anywhere from $60-$130+ per signup.

3. Sell ad space

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This is the strategy that most bloggers start with when looking to monetize their blog. However, keep in mind you're not limited to selling banner ad spots (which is generally an ineffective strategy these days). Consider other areas you could rent out: space on your pop-up box, social media headers, the "P.S." on your email newsletters...think outside the box (quite literally).

4. Offer services

While selling your services may not make you rich (look to passive income to do that!), it's a great way to make some extra cash and to build up your reputation. Image result for offer online services

Sell services directly related to the topic of your blog (e.g., catering for a food blog), or freelance blogging services like writing or graphic design.

5. Offer consulting services

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There's a need for consultants in nearly every niche. Charge by the hour for the phone, email or Skype advice you're probably already giving away for free.

6. Write sponsored posts
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As you build up your blog, expect to receive multiple sponsored post requests each day. These native ads can be a highly effective way for businesses to reach your audience in a non-threatening way - and they can be a highly effective way for you to make a lot of money. Just make sure the posts are actually interesting and relevant to your audience, and that you fully disclose the sponsored nature of the post.

7. Offer coaching services

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Similar to consulting, coaching is usually more a one-on-one service (while consulting is generally provided to organizations or teams). Put together a range of packages you can offer: hourly consults, DIY packages, or unlimited email advice packages.

8. Host webinars

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While many businesses use them to generate leads, hosting paid webinars is also an option. Just make sure you're providing exceptional value - with so many free webinars out there, you need to be offering something pretty special if you want to charge for it.

9. Host sponsored contests or giveaways

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Approach businesses in your niche and offer to host a giveaway or contest on your blog or on social media. This can increase awareness of their business among your followers; and when done right, can also generate a ton of leads for their business.

10. Teach an online course

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Want to design and host an online course entirely on your blog? WordPress plugins like LearnDash and Zippy Courses make it easy to get started. Of, if you'd prefer to host your course through an established online education site, look at Udemy or Skillshare. 
With Zippy Courses, you can get an online course set up quickly, with no coding skills required

12. Write an ebook

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Have in-depth knowledge in your niche? Package it up into an ebook and sell it on your blog. I'd generally advise against selling it (at least exclusively) on Amazon or Kobo, as you'll probably be able to charge much less. If you've already built up a solid audience, you can probably change anywhere from $5 for a very short one, all the way up to $39+.

If you have any queries or problems you can contact me or you can just put a comment down and i'll definitely reply as soon as possible.


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