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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Best way to make money rdr2 online | earn huge money from

Make thousands of dollars by shortening links with URL shorteners. You can make more than a descent salaried person makes, and make your life satisfied. It's easy money go and grab it, don't waste your time.

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Do you have a website, YouTube channel, or social networking profile like Instagram, Twitter, and Whats-app? If yes you should have come across many links right?
And you also must have shared many links, be it a news or a super legal promotion, but never paid for it, at the most received a “thanks for the tip.”
Well, have you thought about make money with links in a simple and easy way, allowing you to monetize your digital projects or earn a little extra income through social networks?
Then you are in the right place because in this article you check out the complete guide to make money with links of the internet through Adfly. Check it:

What is Adfly?

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Adfly is a linkshortener, that is, by accessing your site you can transform a big internet link into a small, easy link to Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp; elegant; and allows you to memorize better.
But unlike its competitors, like, not only only shortens and redirects the link, it also allows you to monetize link and make money from it when it is accessed.
That way you fulfill the main purpose, which is to create a short URL and more friendly, and bonus can make money with links, something that does not interfere in anything the simple act of adding, publishing or posting a link on the web.

Why use to make money with links of the internet?

Unlike any other way to make money online, as an indication; commission per sale; or clicks and banners views, AdFly stands out for its simplicity.
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No need to refer anyone, convert a sale, or have clicks and views on your banner. Just have a shortened link and someone who wants to access it.
No need to have a website or blog. Profile on social network, channel on YouTube, or even disclosure. Of course, all of this boosts your earnings with AdFly, but all of this is optional.
That is, anyone who signs up for AdFly can start make money with links without any knowledge of programming, marketing, websites and blogs.
Here’s the great advantage of using AdFly, it’s friendly, just by having 1 link and someone to visit you, you can already start earning a few cents, and with a good strategy, this can pay up to a few hundred a month.

How much do I earn by shortening links in AdFly?

First of all, it is worth saying that AdFly is an international company, that is, all your earnings will be in US Dollars (USD).
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Now going to the earnings issue (Values are for US accesses), AdFly works with 2 paid link templates:
  • Interstitial: The user has to wait 5s before accessing the original link but pays more, on average $16.00 (desktop)/ $6.00 (mobile) for 1000 views
  • Banner: The user has access to the original link + banner at the top, but pays less, on average $2.30 (desktop)/ $1.60 (mobile) for 1000 views
Who decides which model to use is you, and depending on the situation, it is worth using a model that pays less or more for hits. To help you choose, we prepare this article Here.
Another point is for those who have a website/blog, these can make more money by not only shortening links in AdFly, but using their pop-ads model, which pays on average $6.70 (desktop)/ $3.40 (mobile) for 1000 views.

How do I withdraw money from AdFly?
To get your AdFly earnings balance, your account needs to accumulate $5, so you can request payment in 24 hours (if your account is enabled) or wait for the next business day of the following month that the payment is made automatically.
The transfer of the amounts can be made through Paypal or Payoneer, and they do not deduct any fees, allowing you to receive exactly what you took out of AdFly.

AdFly Differentials

As one of the biggest shortened monetized links on the internet, besides being active in the market for a long time, AdFly has some very interesting differentials, such as:
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Custom or dynamic domains
  • Customization of shortened links
  • Efficient folder management
  • Scripts and APIs for advanced users
  • Integrated ad platform

How to make money shortening links on the internet?

Well, you’ve seen above how Adfly works and how you can make money from it, but I think you’ve missed some practical examples of how to make money shortening links from the internet. So follow our tips below:

Spreading links in social networks

Even though you do not have one of the most popular profiles, you have friends, acquaintances or even people who follow you for some reason.
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Usually your tastes and opinions are the same as those of your followers, so you can use this to your advantage by releasing content that you find relevant to yourself and to them.
Example: You like movies, then share on Twitter or in the WhatsApp group a review of the movie that’s on, and of course, use AdFly to monetize the shortened link and earn money.
Another important tip is that the secret of success for you to make money with AdFly links is not to stick it everywhere, but rather use it naturally without forcing the bar and looking like a SPAM generator.

Monetizing your channel links on YouTube

Living Google Adsense on YouTube is getting harder and leaving all the eggs in one basket is not something prudent to do. Diversifying sources of income on YouTube is the key to making your channel profitable.
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The links that appear in your video or description are there and can be viewed and clicked by thousands of users, why not monetize them?
With AdFly you guarantee an alternative source of income, less intrusive, and that does not change anything, only the links, which will continue to deliver the same content that you have always shared for free.

Monetizing your website or blog with AdFly

In addition to the shortened links that you can put on your website/blog, Adfly also lets you work with the Pop-Ads template, which guarantees you an extra income for your project.
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If you have a project based on the Google Adsense template, working with AdFly can increase your income considerably, as both complement each other.
And on the other hand, if your project is not qualified for Google Adsense and similar, know that in AdFly you can find the solution, since it accepts the sites without problems.
Of course it is not every niche that AdFly will be a huge source of monetization, but some stand out, such as:

Finally, an important tip for AdFly to succeed on your site or blog, is to use it in the right way, ie; prioritize its use in external links and always add the attribute rel="NO FOLLOW" to not have SEO problems With Google.
Also worth the tip for not doing SPAM for links, use AdFly strategically, on links that you know will get many clicks, otherwise it can wipe out the usability of your site.

Does making money with AdFly really work?

To conclude, it is good to answer one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet: Is making money shortening links in AdFly works the same or is it a scam?
The answer is: IT WORKS YES! But like everything else in life, you do not make money out of the blue, working with monetization of links through AdFly is like in any other form of earnings, it takes dedication, time and strategy.

So, friends what are you waiting for, go and earn loads of money online with and if you have any queries then contact me or comment down as i am 24/7 available for you people to help.

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