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Thursday, 16 May 2019

IQ OPTION- Make millions of dollars online now with this trading platform

How to make millions of dollars on iq option with my 15 minute strategy and make Millions of dollars on IQ OPTION within a week.

The platform has been more reliable ever to users than any other platform on web.So, you just need to keep calm and be a millionare. Sounds good? yeah it does and even it is possible to be a millionare by staying at home.

So Hey Guys, I'm HanseL here to show you the path to be a billionare. I've got some easy and best ever strategy tricks and believe me i'm dying to show you that trick. That trick will work always and always but you just need some patience of about 12-15 mins 😊. 

Don't select Less time time frame as that is much risky to lose money in less time. Always select 15 mins time frame to get time to get candles in desired position. Doesn't it sounds good??🤑🤑

So, without wasting your time let's begin.

1. The first thing you need to setup is CHART TYPE. As it is more and more important to select CHART TYPE as Candles to get the exact view and predictions.

2. The Second thing you need to setup is TIME FRAME. This step is the most important ever in this strategy. Click on TIME FRAME Button as shown in this picture below and set TIME FRAME upto 15 mins.

3. The Third thing you need to setup is the perfect ever INDICATOR. Go to Indicators and select the ATR BANDS Indicator to get the exact knowledge and predictions. 

That's it ..!! Yeah you heard it right That is it.
Select the Amount that you could afford of losing, Please don't select the amount that you cannot afford of losing and you might get into problem as i got once into.

Believe me i know what it costs and how much do you need it to work. I know how it feels to be unknown, disrespectful and Hideous. I've been through that time once but now thanks to Almighty i'm settled in my life. This Strategy really changed my life.

And Remember yeah Always trade on Currencies. No Bitcoin No Cryptocurrencies or anything else. Currency trade is the best option to get big money in less time.

Please share this article so that others can get help through this and do comment if you need any help as i am 24/7 available for you my people.


Anonymous said...

wow...its awesome...i made $564 right now with this trick.. thanx dude.

Anonymous said...

This website should be awarded as no. 1 website in the world.. Thankyou for sharing such helpful articles..this 15 min. strategy reduced my risk of trading...

Anonymous said...

This is fuckin' awesome..i made $3000 last night..with this 15 min strategy.

Hansel said...

i appreciate your response guys. stay connected as i'll be uploading more articles this week about making online money.

Anonymous said...

worked as hell.. awesome man . glad that i made it after many losses i got a victory now.. yahooooooo. ! !

Anonymous said...

That's what i was looking for bless u....u don't have any idea how happy i am...u just saved my ass..bro...

mr. android said...

is iq option safe to use..???

Jenny said...

The best ever platform to make money ��